I wish that every moment of Your life could be both a humble, meditative, grateful thanksgiving, and a fiery celebration of the joy of Life at the same time. That every moment of celebration of Existence reminds You where you come from, but also why You are HERE. That every moment, could be as much Here and Now as possible. That the pre-energy of Love envelops Your whole being in every moment of Your Life; especially in the more difficult moments, but let there be as few of these as possible; only as few as necessary to stimulate Unification with the Universe, with Your Sisters and Brothers and with all Nature, both the animated, and the so-called "inanimated" Nature of the Universe and our Planet in particular.

I also wish You - warmly and sincerely - that your Life HERE could be full of joy, warmth, human Love and cordiality, contentment and well-being; so that You can breathe fully and that every breath You take feeds Your Heart with blissful nectar.

And above all, Love; so important in these difficult times - our creative Pre-Energy ❤️💜️💙️💚️, from which everything began, as well as the human Love - from heart to heart 💚️💛️🧡️❤️, That Your dear little heart may always love without fears, anxieties, barriers or moods. That You too may be loved without fear or anxiety, so that in this earthly dimension of Love, you experience an abundance of happiness, joy, beautiful moments and sensations, so much so that the energy of Human Love, co-loving with Pre-Love, could envelop our entire Planet and Universe; including You, enveloping Your every moment which should be a humble mystery of thanksgiving and a fiery celebration of the joy of the Life at the same time, so that in all the colours, shapes, tastes and smells that surround us; in inspired delight You could perceive the infinite beauty of the revealed World with the necessarily open Heart, so that the metaphysical power of the Universe in its pure form not frightens, but opens the luminous gates of Your infinite Divinity.

Wünsche Życzenia